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Connecting Recruiters is a business that matches Recruiters to Recruitment Agencies. It is a Melbourne based agency specializing in the Rec2Rec market.  By engaging with Connecting Recruiters, you are partnering with a true specialist in this R2R market. I love partnering with top recruitment talent, and forming part of their career journey. Recruiting Recruiters is what I do! 

Connecting Recruiters is a business that will ensure personal service. My goal is to form a true partnership with you. As a candidate, I will represent you the way I would expect to be represented. I love what I do and the passion just follows.

I am a firm believer that your success in recruitment, depends on the people you are around. If you are an experienced consultant thinking about a change, I would love to assist you. Your future is my business, and I have the experience and confidence to get you there.  

Recruitment is a great industry to work in. It is for those who want a career, not a job. You will only reach true success if you are aligned with strong driven individuals. Cultural fit and matching your personal goals with the company’s goals is crucial to the success of your desk. Internal relationships are just as important as external and often get overlooked. There are so many dimensions to making that right decision.

Your working environment is one of the most important criteria in your next move. Workplace mobility, workplace freedom, IT systems and innovation are all key ingredients that top talent seek. Having your desk constantly split, being moved around, having a greedy counter-part or a lack of leadership are also critical elements for consultants to avoid. As the Director of Connecting Recruiters, I understand the market and will only represent you to Melbourne’s top agencies.

Connecting Recruiters also identifies graduates seeking to enter the recruitment industry.

Connecting Recruiters

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