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Andrea Collins - Director

I am real, I am honest and I am straight to the point! I expect the same in return. Not only do I have over 15 years of recruitment experience in Melbourne, I also have life experience. I have a great ability to relate to people, read people and I enjoy honest and real conversations. This is very evident when you meet me. I run a very transparent and honest recruitment process for both the candidate and the client. I recruit across two different market sectors, I recruit for recruitment agencies and I recruit for the private sector.

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I recruit recruiters for all levels of the market ranging from: Partners, Directors, Billing Managers, Senior Consultants, Consultants, Resourcers and Graduates. I am a specialist in the Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane markets. I know this recruitment market inside out. I also recruit across the private sector and work on assignments across: Talent Acquisition, Internal Recruitment, HR, HR Advisors, HR Administration & Graduate HR Recruitment.

I am very thankful for my country upbringing, but I won’t deny my love for living in Melbourne! Fitness, horse racing, wine, sunshine, friends, family and laughter ! As for work, I started my career in recruitment in 2004, and I am still going! I have worked through the GFC, Covid-19 and all the bumps and lumps! I have worked in some of the best & some of the worst recruitment markets. I just get it.


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