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  • It is not hard to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be just another recruiter when interacting with clients.

    The recruitment industry can provide a very lucrative career, if you are good at it. If you are driven, competitive, love building relationships and have strong resilience, this industry will agree with you. However, our industry is always going through constant change and artificial intelligence is a major disruption to our industry that is coming […]Read More »
  • Cheers to a career in Recruitment….! Graduates looking to enter the world of agency recruitment have a peek below!

    As we all know, the recruitment world is constantly challenged with finding great senior talent. As a Rec to Rec consultant, a large part of my role is finding and sourcing this talent. However, I also believe that senior talent always started as a fresh recruit somewhere and I do spend time recruiting graduates for […]Read More »
  • See that phone on your desk? PICK IT UP! It connects you to a human (sometimes)!

    Back in the day, when we all had landlines in recruitment, management would present a report to the company at end of quarter drinks whilst all staff were present about how much time you had spent on the phone for that quarter and rank you against all the other consultants. Shortly after, the next slide […]Read More »
  • If you are a seasoned recruiter, you should know how good things are right now!

    If you are a seasoned recruiter, you should know how good things are right now! You should be able to smell your commission payment and if you can’t you need to have a really good think about the position of your desk and the industry sector you are recruiting in. The great recruiters are so […]Read More »
  • The first 12 months as a Rec to Rec in Melbourne. Andrea Collins.

    It has almost been 12 months since I started my own business, and let me tell you there is no looking back. I should of made this move a long time ago, however I am very thankful and I feel very grateful for how this first year has unfolded.  Here are 8 insights into what […]Read More »
  • Never under estimate the small things

    Over the last decade I have witnessed the good, the great and the ugly in the interview room. These tips are so simple, but require just as much thought as your preparation for your verbal responses. Very few think about the importance of body language and how our demeanor can set the tempo for our […]Read More »
  • The importance of choosing the right culture for you

    The importance of choosing a recruitment agency with the right culture for YOU. Culture is something that is very hard to explain, very hard to prove in an interview and is certainly one of the hottest topics of discussion when a candidate has a bad experience. You really need to question in an interview about […]Read More »
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    Blogs & Industry News The lessons so far, including my biggest mistake! The first lesson, from an operational sense has been the hardest, please learn from my mistakes! The first few months in business have taught me a lot! As exciting as it has been being the master of my own destiny, it has also been […]Read More »