The first 12 months as a Rec to Rec in Melbourne. Andrea Collins.

It has almost been 12 months since I started my own business, and let me tell you there is no looking back. I should of made this move a long time ago, however I am very thankful and I feel very grateful for how this first year has unfolded.  Here are 8 insights into what has enabled my success:


  1. Having a solid and creditable background in the recruitment market has allowed me to attract top talent. The candidates I have worked with put a lot of trust in me and together there has been some strong partnerships formed. Hand on heart, I love working with recruitment consultants and being able to map out and execute their next career move. There is so much satisfaction in what I do. Having worked in the industry a long time, there is no second guessing my understanding and ability to consult.
  2. Having my own business has allowed me to be myself. Henry Ford would have died if I was on his production line, I would have had three warnings on my first shift!  Being myself and being authentic has allowed my tribe to follow me. Being real and being honest has allowed me to set myself apart. It has also allowed me to form strong partnerships with my candidates, which is crucial when consulting to them on their next career move.
  3. Planning!  Yes, apparently everyone needs a plan, but for me too much planning is not something I love. In the last 12 months I have tripled my income, the reason being is that I work best under a structure that is outcome focussed. All that stuff in the middle…..mmm…that is not for me. It has allowed me to focus on tasks on what I believe are more important. Too much planning can kill creativity, and creativity is hard to measure.
  4. Do I want to grow my business? Absolutely not! I love working for myself, I love not having to share a database and putting every single note on the system and I love not having to manage staff. It is great finally knowing what I want!
  5. Never underestimate the value of networking, referrals and doing the right thing by everyone you come across.
  6. Don’t be afraid to outsource the things you are not so good at. We live in a technical age now where outsourcing is at our fingertips. Spend the time on what you are good at and where you can have a direct affect on the outcome.
  7. We have a saying in our house that misery loves company. You know what, misery absolutely loves company. Leave your place at the table there and surround yourself with positive driven people. They are hard to find, when you find them grab on and don’t let go!
  8. If you are passionate about what you do, the rest will follow. I love being a Rec2Rec in the Melbourne Recruitment market and I am looking forward to the next 12 months ahead.