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Commercial Construction – Melbourne

Posted 5 years ago

It’s a great time to be in commercial construction. This role will ensure you are immersed in a high achieving culture. Surround yourself with success, it is infectious!

Connecting Recruiters is a Recruitment to Recruitment Agency. We are aligned with 10 of Melbourne’s top agencies, and after meeting Andrea, she will be able to align you with agencies that mirror your goals and values. As the name suggests, it is all about connecting recruiters with recruiters!

There is a great opportunity at present in Commercial Construction. This agency has a strong brand and is seeking an experienced recruiter to take this warm desk to the next level.  This is a lucrative space where you can build a strong brand for yourself and for this agency.  This agency is invested in innovative ways to attract candidates, personal branding and marketing and a seamless administration process. They also take their IT systems and database management very seriously and provide continual training and development to stay on top of this fast moving industry.  This is a culture of high achievers who are driven and love success.

To be considered for this role you will have 2 plus years’ experience working in an agency role, you may be working within a similar space or looking for a new desk (that will excite you with potential success).  You will work with the existing clients in addition to attracting new business. This desk has very attractive margins, an existing client base and is craving a consultant seeking future leadership.


Please email or call Andrea Collins on 0408560393  II

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