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Let’s start with Recruiting Experienced Recruiters

I am focused on connecting with Melbourne’s top agencies, so I can truly represent the candidates I am engaging with. Sourcing experienced Recruiters requires strategic sourcing, market mapping and tapping into long standing relationships. My interview style is consultative and engaging.  I extract evidence around success, billings, challenges, motivators and desk suitability. I identify candidate strengths and I will also identify areas that need to be worked on. I understand that the pressure of growing your business is directly linked to the volume and the quality of your staff.  The staff you attract and retain are the key stakeholders in your business success.

Identifying Graduates to work within the Recruitment Industry

This is an area of my business I am really excited about. The candidate short market is presenting some great opportunities for graduates who possess the right skills and behaviours. Recruiting at this level is a great avenue to get some growth happening from the ground up.

Graduates that make it through my process must be; highly competitive, hey must be able to demonstrate resilience and they must have worked within a sales environment before (history of meeting KPI’s and sales budgets).  Graduates need to prove to me that they have a strong desire to succeed and wanting a career, not a job.  The way they present in interview is well documented and the screening process is very thorough.

Graduate recruitment is at a discounted rate and there is a retained option for this level .

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