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COVID-19 is certainly affecting the recruitment industry as we know it. There are certainly some industries still recruiting, and some sectors will come out the other side of this very strong. However, in general terms, the recruitment industry is in for a cautious time ahead. But, this industry will recover like it has done many times in the past. As a recruiter, please reach out and connect with me, I am more than happy to share my current and up to date recruitment knowledge during these challenging times.

When you contact Connecting Recruiters, you will be working directly with me.  I understand the crossroad you may be at. I will listen, consult, engage and connect with you. I see this as a partnership that is strategic, open and honest. I can take the process as fast or as slow as you like. Expectations will be set together, to enable a seamless recruitment process, where you will feel empowered.

Together we will work with one another to map out a career path and as partners we will work with each other to get you there.

The way I run my business is strategic and it is all about long term relationships.


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