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COVID-19 has certainly seen the recruitment industry go through some ups and downs. However, the recruitment industry keeps powering along, with Covid-19 by its side!  The recruitment sector is witnessing never seen before demand across some sectors, record breaking quarters, and a huge trend towards candidate shortages across many sectors. Knowing how to recruit in a candidate short market, has also never been so important. Recruiters need to be sourcing experts, now more than ever.

Aligning your personal brand against a specialist vertical has never been more important.  You must be a specialist recruiter in these market conditions. Connecting Recruiters is aligned with an exceptional client base.  Many agencies are taking this opportunity  to  capture great talent and build strong teams.

When you contact Connecting Recruiters, you will be connecting with highly experienced talent where a true partnership is formed. We understand the crossroad you may be at, we will listen, consult, engage and map out a career solution for you.  We are strategic in our approach, and you will quickly see our style is very direct and honest. You can take the process as fast or as slow as you like.  Expectations will be set together, to enable a seamless recruitment process, where you will feel empowered.

We value strategic relationships at Connecting Recruiters.

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